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Layla Grace’s Celebration of Life Video

Shanna posted a link yesterday for the video of Layla Grace’s Celebration of Life.

Layla Grace Memorial Service from Lifebridge Church on Vimeo.

My continued thoughts and prayers go out to the Marsh Family.

Abiding Hope Collage In Honor of Layla Grace

A special thank you to Hollie for contacting Abiding Hope Collage.
You are right! 
It is a beautiful way to remember Layla Grace! 

Layla Grace – Love and Celebration!


Love for Layla!

In Layla’s short time, she has touched so many people’s lives, near and far. So many people will forever be changed becaused of her journey.

Many people have wrapped her in love and prayers. Many have fallen to their knees to pray, some for the first time in years, some for the first time ever, just to call out to their Heavenly Father and offer some sort of peace and love to the Marsh Family.

Many prayed for a miracle. Many wanted Layla Grace to be healed. Many wanted her pain and suffering to end.

God did answer all of the prayers. He did hear your prayers. As Layla’s mom simply stated, Layla is playing with angels! She is now with all of us. A part of her will now be in each of our hearts. We will love our own children a little sweeter. We will hold them a little tighter. We will speak to them a little kinder. We will honor the gifts we were given as mothers.

Many of you took your pain and sorrow and expressed your prayers and thoughts in your blogs. Many used their blog as a way to share Layla’s journey with others. Many of you heard about Layla and were called to action in some small or big way.

Many of you have waken up and the first thing that you have done is checked twitter for a new message from Shanna. Many of you just wanted to know what was going on at that very moment.

What I would like to ask of you, is if you have written a blog post about Layla Grace or if you have twittered about Layla Grace, please post your name and add the link to your blog or twitter below.

I would like for us to be able to follow each other in the future and see how your life has been changed by knowing Layla Grace.


Celebration of Life

The Marsh Family has scheduled Layla’s Celebration of Life.

Layla’s Celebration of Life
Saturday March 13th
Bear Creek Baptist Church
5901 North Fry Road
Katy, TX 77449-1807

Her family will honor her through pictures, music and a balloon release.
Childcare will be provided.

If you would like to send flowers to the family for the service, the contact information for the Marsh Family Florist is:

Autumn Leaves Florist
15210-D Spring Cypress
Cypress, Texas 77429

My thoughts and prayers continue to go to the Marsh Family and their friends and family.

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