Little Ones to Him Belong Wednesday ~ Week 29

It’s time once again to reflect on those who are playing with angels and those that are possibly in remission, recovering, or in the midst of their own journey.

How Little Ones to Him Belong Began

A couple years ago, as I was reading through the various blogs, I was so touched by so many blog families who have gone through or are currently going through such heart-wrenching major life-threatening medical conditions with their child.  I also realized that so many families have a special angel baby waiting for them in Heaven playing with precious Layla Grace. {For those of you that don’t know, this site was started out of love for Layla Grace.}

I was more amazed to find that there are families that have two or more precious little ones in heaven waiting for them ~ then I read how one mother pictured her two children holding hands playing with the other children and Jesus.  What a wonderful way for a mother to have perspective of such difficult loss.

I noticed as I would sit and read these blogs that some families and parents of these special children had many, many followers supporting them and some had just a few. I thought that I would try to bring support to all of these families in hopes that we can share and pray for all of God’s Little Children for healing and we can pray for those families who have lost their precious child or children.

What You Can Do

If you know of a family or you are one of these families that are in need of prayers, please leave your link and if possible, please leave your twitter, facebook, blog link in a comment after linking up so that we can follow your journey and pray for you and with you.

If you have a moment, please stop by and visit a few of these families and offer your prayers and support.

I would like to set aside some time to do this each week on Wednesday so that we can continue to pray and remember those families that need our support and also to add any new children or families that might need lifting up in prayer.

Remember, as God’s children, there are no age requirements or age limit for this.

Please Share

We would be grateful if you would share our new button and post it on your blog. Thank you, Java of Never Growing Old for creating it for us! We would love for many people to stop and visit and lend these families support and prayers.

Little Ones To Him Belong Wednesday

Also, if you are praying for a child in particular and you have a button posted on your site that you do not see here, please send it to me so that I can include it and place it on our site!

Please Visit and Offer Your Support

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