Little Ones To Him Belong

As I was sitting here tonight reading from blog to blog, I was in tears as I discovered so many families who have gone through or are currently going through such heartwrenching major medical conditions with their child.  There are so many families that have a special angel baby waiting for them in Heaven.

I saw that some families had many, many followers and some had just a few, I thought that I would try to add all that we can here and include all of the little children here in hopes that we can share and pray for all of God’s Little Children and families who have lost their precious child or children.

If you know of or you are one of these families that are in need of prayers, please leave your link and if possible, please leave your twitter, facebook, blog link in a comment after linking up so that we can follow your journey and pray for you.

Please stop by and visit these families and offer your prayers and support.